Im having problems accessing my floppy.
E.g. when using mtools Im getting the following

Can't open /dv/fd0.720: Permission denied

I assume this is a typo, and the correct message is the
one from the subject:
Can't open /dev/fd0.720: Permission denied

What are the permissions on /dev/fd0.720 ?

ls -l /dev/fd0.720

I believe the default is
crw-r-----  2 root  operator    9,   7 Jul  5  2002 /dev/fd0.720

which user is using mtools?
which version of FreeBSD are you using?

Cannot initialize 'A:'

Also at boot I don't see any fd devices getting detected. This is my kernel config:

       device          fdc0    at isa? port IO_FD1 irq 9 drq 2
       device          fd0     at fdc0 drive 0

I would expect something more like
"device not configured"
if that were the problem.

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