Mark Stapper wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently migrating my home desktop from Gentoo linux to FreeBSD
> 8.0(Beta but it'll be "Stable" soon. Using RELENG_8 btw).
> I'm kind of a OS collector/nut/geek/nerd. As such virtualization is
> quite important to me.
> I've been using VMware Server 2.x on Gentoo for quite some time and,
> apart from the new console *barf*, it's been working for me so far.
> So needless to say I was hoping for vmware support. Tough luck... Ow
> well, the handbook spoke of virtualbox support. Only OSE, but still,
> better than nothing.
> After trying virtualbox on windows(at work) I decided to give it a go on
> FreeBSD amd64...
> Issuing make install in the virtualbox directory complained about me not
> having any 32-bit libraries installed.
> My questions are two fold:
> 1. Which options do I have when it comes to vritualization on FreeBSD 8
> amd64?
> 2. How do I install virtualbox on amd64?
> Thanks,
> Mark
I don't have a suitable amd64 system to test, but apparently virtualbox
on amd64 requires this option to be built into the kernel:


for latest info check the wiki page, as virtualbox is under heavy
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