I know freebsd is free but i would like to know how much will I pay if I
need additional package like updates and other useful software,and can
you tell how secure it is how protected i will be if i use freebsd

FreeBSD is free, and any updates are free. Third party applications may or may not be free depending on the license terms and the intended usage. This is no different than for any other operating system.

There is only one operating system (AFAIK) that claims a definite level of security: OpenBSD claims to be "secure by default" and shows an impresive track record. This is defined as there are no known remote exploits in the most resent version in the default instalation. However, any change to the default configuration or installation of third party applications may change that.

Really, there is no common or objective scale for comparing the security of different systems. Regardless of any claims, all liability is disclaimed.

BR, Erik
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