Mak Kolybabi wrote:

> On 2009-08-21 06:12, John Francis Lee wrote:
>> My problem is that I'm told right at the onset of the install that
>>   CPU doesn't support long mode
> Your CPU is 64-bit from what I can see. From a bit of Googling, others
> have encountered this problem, and it seems to have to do with VM-X. I
> have no idea what that is, but a thread in which someone has a very
> similar issue is here:
> One notable quote is:
>   ...[the CPU] does not have Intel VT (hardware virtualization), so you
>   will not be able to run 64 bit guests in Virtualbox even though you run
>   a 64 bit host.

I think this CPU does support hardware virtualization. The other situation 
which might produce this is if the ubuntu 9.0.4 install itself is 32 bit, 
and the Virtualbox package will then be 32 bit as well. I haven't looked at 
Ubuntu in quite some time, as I found it annoying, but IIRC there are two 
different CD downloads - one for the 32bit version and one for the 64 bit 
version. This is what I seem to remember but it may also have changed since 
I last played with it. 

If you weren't paying attention and installed the 32 bit version it might 
very well explain the error. If such a thing is the case you have two 
choices. Either install the i386 32 bit version of FreeBSD as the guest 
instead of the 64 bit amd64 or reinstall Ubuntu with the 64 bit version.


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