Mak Kolybabi wrote:
On 2009-08-21 06:12, John Francis Lee wrote:
My problem is that I'm told right at the onset of the install that

  CPU doesn't support long mode

Your CPU is 64-bit from what I can see. From a bit of Googling, others have
encountered this problem, and it seems to have to do with VM-X. I have no idea
what that is, but a thread in which someone has a very similar issue is here:

One notable quote is:

  ...[the CPU] does not have Intel VT (hardware virtualization), so you will
  not be able to run 64 bit guests in Virtualbox even though you run a 64 bit

This CPU does support hardware virtualization as can be seen by the svm flag in the output of cpuinfo.

It may be obvious but...

Did you install the 64bit version of Ubuntu?
uname -m will tell you.

Duncan Hutty

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