Hi all,

I noticed this morning that a perl script was using a lot of CPU time on my FreeBSD webserver. By the time I killed it, it had run up 400 mins of system time according to top.

However, simply killing 'perl5.8.9' didn't accomplish much, it was back running again moments later. I then rebooted. Once again it is running.

According to top, the owner of the process is 'www', which would be lighttpd. So, it appears that lightthp is persistently spawning a perl script.But which one? I don't use perl much, but I do have it enabled in lighttp:



server.modules  = (

static-file.exclude-extensions = ( ".fcgi", ".php", ".rb", "~", ".inc" )

cgi.assign = (
    ".pl"  => "/usr/bin/perl",
    ".cgi" => "/usr/local/bin/python",
    ".py" => "/usr/local/bin/python",
    ".sh" => "/usr/local/bin/bash"


Is there a command like fuser or lsof which can be used to determine what files this perl instance is using? Any other ideas on how to figure out what is going on here?


FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE  i386

  Colin Brace

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