On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 01:00:53AM -0700, Colin Brace wrote:
> Ok, here is what lsof tells me:
> $ sudo lsof | grep perl
> perl5.8.9  4272     www    3u    IPv4 0xc33cf000        0t0     TCP
> gw:51295-> (ESTABLISHED)
> The last line would be appear to telling me something, but what?

The script is talking to on port 7000.

Other useful things:

ps ajxwwww
will tell you the parent process of the script:  this looks like
it may be a (fast?)CGI script; if so then the parent would be the
web server.

It may also show the name of the script (but beware:  the script
can change that) which would be usefull to know.

> After 24 hour since rebooting, this perl instance is still crunching away... 

Is it the same instance of the script, or a new copy each time?
That is, does the PID change?  If so, that points to a CGI; if not it
points to a fastCGI - or something else.



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