Jeronimo Calvo wrote:
> hi Mark!
> Im using FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE... but im not sure about the "userland",
> is currently fresh installed, just compiled the KERNEL to add ext2fs
> support and installed the patch for the 256-inode... nothing else...
> But I will take your advise and upgrade my kernel to STABLE (as I
> think it will be funny as well, ur not the one "geek" here I suposse
> hahahaha)
Don't forget to reapply the ext2 patch... ;-)
> I will need to get some more knowledge about "userland"... :D
the userland is just the collection of base applications or "base

> Will check up ur links fella! btw, if u find anything else new-bie
> related... send me as well!!
Just read all the chapters listed here:

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