Now that I've got my rsnapshot backup server working beautifully, backing up several servers to a central backup server (I like this a lot), I have a problem...

I built my backup server from a machine I had lying around. It has two 140G hard drives. I dedicated one drive to a /backup partition. Unfortunately, that is now running at 88% capacity... i.e., only 16G left...

Now that I know this approach is going to work, I'm going to run out and buy a big drive.

Question: is it possible to just expand my existing /backup partition to encompass both the current drive and the new drive? I'm guessing not, since Chapter 8 in "Absolute FreeBSD" says that a partition is part of a slice, which is part of a physical drive, but maybe some bright person has come up with an app that overcomes that limitation.

Thanks: John
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