> Couple of questions regarding this Sendmail-related security advisory:
> 1. Am I right in assuming that the machines that have
> sendmail_enable=NONE in /etc/rc.conf are not vulnerable? How about
> sendmail_enable=NO?
> 2. On one of my 4.7-RELEASE-p6 servers, I'm running Postfix as MTA.
> I have NO_SENDMAIL=YES in /etc/make.conf so I don't rebuild sendmail
> when upgrading (which I have done many times on this machine). If
> I follow the security advisory by applying the patch supplied and
> rebuilding the system sendmail, will I end up replacing my Postfix with
> Sendmail?

2. I am doing some testing of postfix/mysql/courier the last week or so
and somewhere I read that if you update your system, you will need to
reinstall the postfix binaries. I'm almost certain that this was stated
in the Postfix INSTALL or README files.


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