On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 15:47, Stefano Ceci wrote:
> Hello all, I'm going crazy with Gnome2-2.2 on a stable
> (cvsupped)version. It seems to be a conflict with NVIDIA drivers. Gnome
> started only one time and goes very very very slow (30 seconds to open
> each window). However, normally, it doesn't start! I've ramoved the
> NVIDIA driver and and then, with X nv driver, gnome starts very fast and
> works fine. But the video quality is poor and very noisy. Only at
> 640x680 the noise goes away. I've tried all refresh rates without
> success. Any idea? 

I know I hear a lot of complaining about GNOME and nVidia on the
developers list.  However, I have a laptop with a GeForce2 Go card, the
native nVidia drivers, and GNOME 2.2 works fine.  Might just be yet
another bug with the nVidia drivers.


> Thanks Stefano
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