Freeco wrote:
> What does it look like?
> ISP>---<Hub>---<My Gateway>---<Switch>------Pc
> Or
> ISP>------------<My Gateway>---<Switch>-<Hub>-Pc

...are you sure that by accident that you don't have the following
*physical* setup?

          | Gateway |
            |     |
            |     |
 |------- Switch/Hub --------|
 |                           |
 |                           |
ISP                         PC

This doesn't appear to be a logical subnetting issue, but more of a
'having two interfaces on a logically undivided physical medium'.

If you do have the above setup, it may work, but I would highly advise
against it. The only way you can get around the warnings and still have
things in this case work properly is to use VLANs.

Freeco, let us know how things are connected physically. Your best bet
would be:


Trash bin>------------<Hub>


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