James Butler wrote: [regarding USB booting problems]
Test the fix when it arrives? Scott seems to have some idea what the
problem is, and a lot of people have been bitten by it, so I'm hoping
for a fix soon(TM).

Ok, I'll just wait for this then. :-)

Do mmc(4)/sdhci(4) not support the controller?

I don't think so, but I didn't test extensively. (I added them to the kernel config but none of the boot messages suggested the SDIO slot is being detected.) I think Linux uses a specific driver for the Marvell SDIO port ("mvsdio") but to be honest, I don't really understand how the mvsdio, sdhci and mmc drivers work together.

I've seen it suggested that UFS+softupdates is about as good as a
conventional filesystem gets for flash media, because it's good at
minimising transient writes.

True, but I think the internal NAND storage device is not a block device, which is why Linux needs the UBI/UBIFS combination to make a useful filesystem out of it. I'm not sure if FreeBSD has anything like this.

In any case, it's probably not essential. It would already be nice if FreeBSD would be able to run off an USB storage device or MMC in the SDIO slot.

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