Steve Bertrand wrote:
> Oliver Mahmoudi wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I am trying to set up a crossover cable network between two computers
>> running FreeBSD 7.0.
>> The network cards are configured and they work, i.e. I pinged myself and it
>> works.
>> However, when booting up the systems I always get the error message that the
>> link status
>> of my network cards has changed to down.
>> Running `ifconfig` tells me that no carrier has been detected even though
>> the cable ends are
>> plugged in.
> What type of cards are they?
> I've noticed in the past that sometimes I had to manually force the
> cards to 'UP' prior to assigning any addresses to them:

... in /etc/rc.conf

> ifconfig_em6="up"
> ifconfig_em6="inet6 2607:f118:1:2::/64 eui64"
> Try the "up" statement, and see if it helps after the next reboot.


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