In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> for information.
> i can't mount any msdos files systems with 4.7 release.
> no problem with 5.0 (except for extented partitions; the
> logicals partitions inside don't appear).

This isn't really something that anyone can do anything useful
with. For instance, what does "don't appear" mean? I reported that the
devices for logical partitions weren't being created in 5.0-RELEASES
devfs. Is it that?

msdos partitions worked just fine on my 4.7 (now 4.8-PRERELASE)
system. I suspect that some problem on your system is keeping you from
mounting them, but without knowing what error message the mount
command is giving you, I can't do anything to diagnose the problem.

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