In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> i tape: # mount -t msdos /dev/ad0s1 /hdibm
> or: # mount -t msdos /dev/fd0.1440 /floppy
> (or with ad0c, fd0c, ...)
> and i get "Bus error" and a core file.

Sounds like /sbin/mount_msdos - /sbin/mount_msdosfs on 5.0 - is
broken.  You can rebuild the command from src in
/usr/src/sbin/mount_msdos - or mount_msdosfs - and doing a "make
install". If you don't have the sources handy, you'll need to
reinstall one of the distribution sets. Probably bin, but I'm not

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