Jacques Henry wrote:

I commented the commands involved and nothing changed... (with only 10
minutes of time difference)

The 19 minutes between when I sent my suggestions and you responded is hardly enough time to see if ntpd was slewing the time. Slewing 587 seconds takes days.

I even tried to "force" the sync:

U450XA0A0800650>nstop ntp
U450XA0A0800650>ntpd -x -n -q -c /var/ntp.conf
U450XA0A0800650>nstart ntp

Are you sure that -x in there, telling ntpd to not step unless the offset is over 600 sec, doesn't override what you're trying to do with the -q? How about you try simple:

ntpdate the_windows_server

and see what that does?  After that look in /var/log/messages.

 In fact I am still quite convinced that the MS implementation isn't totally
compliant with the client...

Could be, but ntpq was showing that your ntpd was accepting time data from the Windows server at least on some level.


--Jon Radel

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