> If I may pipe up... Can you not set the clock manually, then let ntpd take
> it from there? Seems like your clock would become synced a lot faster if it
> started out "close". Sorry if I'm being naive, but this seemed like the
> obvious thing to do.
Don't apologize! Any input is valuable! But I don't quite understand what
you meant about "let ntpd take it from here" or "if it started out close"...
(I am French and maybe you're using a figure of language I don't

Are you running with an elevated securelevel?

No the Secure Level is -1...

But I've found the beginning of a solution... It doesn't come from ntpd but
from the Windows Time Server. When configured to sync with its internal
clock, the NTP Server IP packets that goes to the client contain strange
values (rootdispersion, etc.) that are higher than expected. Thus, ntpd
doesn't consider the Windows Server as a reliable source. But once the
windows server configured to sync with an external source, it works! The IP
packets generated from the windows server begin to look like "real" and
reliable answer to ntpd...

I'm working now on a correct configuration of the Windows Server.

Thanks again to all!
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