PJ wrote:
> manual: "it is assumed that a single ATA disk is used, which is
> currently recognized by the system as ad0. It is also assumed that the
> standard FreeBSD partition scheme is used, with /, /var, /usr and /tmp
> file systems, as well as a swap partition."
> Now, does that mean that glabel does not work if there are several disks
> on the system... it certainly does not say so nor does it adv ertise
> that this would not work if there are several ATA disks present..
> Previously I had also tried a reboot press 4 with exactly the same
> results....

It does say "Example" on top.
And then again:

For this *example* it is assumed that a single ATA disk is used,...

It doesn't say what will not work with it. It simply assumes some
defaults to give a reasonable example.
Now, don't tell me this is ambiguous too...
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