Nicholas Basila wrote:

On Monday 10 March 2003 04:59 pm, Tom Parquette wrote:

I'm setting up DHCP for the first time on 5.0-CURRENT.
In the end, I would like to get DDNS working.

I set up the dhcpd.conf and it appears to be issuing addresses
correctly. My old W98 laptop appears to have gotten the right
information. I do not have DNS set up yet and that may be part of my

Sounds like that's the problem. It's awfully hard for the dhcp server to update dns if the dns server isn't running.

OK... I deserved that one...
Allow me to clarify...
I have DNS running authoritative for my home network and caching for the outside world.
I have forward lookups running. I'm having problems getting reverse lookups going. I should have said reverse lookups were what was broken when I originally posted this. (I'm back inth the DNS and Bind book from O'Reilly.)
Is it complaining because reverse lookups are not working right or should I be looking elsewhere in DNS?

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