Foolishly I deleted my /dev/ad0s2a tree.  However, I tried the following in 
an attempt to recreated but I am getting stumped at the end of the process.

Booted the system in single user mode, then created a read/writable file 
system with:

mount_mfs -T minimum -s 131072 /dev/null /tmp

cd to /tmp and cp MAKEDEV from the read only /dev.MAKEDEV

created a device node with:
/MAKEDEV ad0s2a  (note this created the whole tree in tmp)

attempted to mount this with the command 

mount /tmp/ad0s2a /mnt  but got the error that ad0s2a was busy.  As a result 
cannot get a readwritable /dev to create the device nodes.  What am I doing 


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