On Sun, Nov 08, 2009 at 01:50:43AM -0500, Robert Huff wrote:
> Gary Kline writes:
> >     the keybd isn't the problem.  it is in the box with a bunch of
> >     misc stuff i don't need.  problem is that on my KVM switch are
> >     only ps2 plugs.  on the back of the dell are USB jacks.  i
> >     need something to convert from the PS2 plug to fit into the
> >     USB ....  
>       Have you actually tried this elsewhere and had it work?
> Because I'm certainly no expert on KVMs, but that sounds like a
> "more likely to fail than succeed" scenario.
>       (I use a StarTech four port USB KVM, and would be interested in
> a good model that handles DVI/HDMI as opposed to 15 pin VGA video.)

        indeed not; and that is why i asked here.   i DID find some
        ps2 <-> usb ... somewhere.  google that and you see what i
        did.  unless i was hallucinating!

        gents, i am and have been years behind the bleeding-edge
        stuff.  the intel duo stuff has been around awhile so while it
        isn't that bloody, it is new to me. 

        it may be my KVM Stuff or not.  that's the $64.0 question.


>       Respectfully,
>                                       Robert Huff

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