Quoth Lars Eighner on Sunday, 15 May 2011:
> On Sat, 14 May 2011, Rob Clark wrote:
> >After restarting X, prior to any reboot, I lost the mouse in X.
> >So I figured a reboot was in order.
> This is almost certainly HAL.  If you do not know you need HAL for
> something, mark the hal and hal-info ports FORBIDDEN (set FORBIDDEN to any
> value in the Makefiles) whenever you update your ports tree.  Grep 
> /var/db/ports
> for hal and then remove the with hal option in the affected ports using make
> config.  Force reinstall the affected ports.  Try to pkg_delete hal, to 
> check
> for dependencies you haven't resolved.  When all the dependencies are
> removed, then remove hal.
That's some good advice.  I was able to remove hal using this approach,
but only after removing firefox, gimp, gnumeric, dia and several others.
When I reinstalled firefox, it didn't need HAL -- but when I reinstalled
gimp the first thing it did was build HAL.  I didn't find HAL in any of
gimp's options, and I have "WITHOUT_HAL=YES" in /etc/make.conf.  The HAL
daemon hald isn't running, and gimp seems to work.  I wish I could figure
out what dependency wanted HAL to be installed so I could remove it.

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