Dennis Glatting <> wrote:

> This is a proof-of-concept project ...
> I am doing it on the cheap ...
> I have committed to the project five machines. Three run over
> clocked Phenom II x6 processors with 16GB of RAM, 1TB disk for
> the OS, 1TB disk for Junk, and a 3-2TB disk RAIDz array ...
> These machines are liquid cooled ...
> A data manipulation server is running an i7 x4 with 24GB of fast
> RAM. It has 12 2TB disks, 2 1TB disks (OS), plus a few SSDs ...
> A repository server is an i7 x6 3.3GHz with 24GB of RAM, several
> volumes, two of which are RAIDz, SSDs, and other junk ...

If that's "on the cheap", I shudder to think what would be
considered "expensive".  I've seen a whole server room with
less horsepower and disk than that.
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