I followed http://www.wonkity.com/~wblock/docs/html/disksetup.html to
create bootable disks with GPT.

As you know from my former post, I tried to boot via USB from a GPT
disk and failed. I inserted the disk into the notebook and bootin also

Irony is that inserting the MBR disk into the USB case results also in
a failure but much later.

Booting from the GPT disk fails already at BIOS level. The BIOS does
not find the loader and returns to the selection menu of available boot
devices when using the GPT disk.

I know that I could boot via USB. But I do not know anymore if I booted
from the GPT or from the MBR disk.

I can exclude an error with the USB adapter as booting from a thumb
drive via USB also fails. The BIOS of my X220 did not get any updates
since I purchased it. So, nothing should have changed.

I am bit irritated at the moment as you can imagine.

If somebody has an idea what is wrong or what I am doing wrong, please
tell me.

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