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I just downloaded Netscape 7.0.2 from Netscape.com "linux version" and am running it under linux emulation on freebsd-5.1. The problem i am encountering , and i encountered the same issue with the latest mozilla..... under linux emulation, is that when i exit Netscape or restart the system i am meet with the select user-profile *to start Netscape section. Ok, for ex. say i am running Netscape under the "default" profile, i have all my mail accounts setup, proxy setting etc.... now i need to shutdown my system, restart it , or just restart Netscape....so i start Netscape

# /usr/compat/linux/usr/local/netscape/netscape

Now i am ask when profile to start Netscape as, so i select the previous "default" i had been running Netscape under. The problem is after selecting "default" and clicking on start i am getting this error about it cant use that profile as its already in use...but its not because this is the first instance of Netscape i am attempting to start after a reboot. The only way i can get Netscape to start is to create another profile, which it does the same to after a reboot or restart. for. ex. i can create default 2 and start Netscape but if i try to start Netscape again with that profile its says that profile is already in use. If anybody has had this issue and solved it, i would appreciate some guidance on this.

thanks, and have a good day.

Re this and your Sun Java question: Why not use the FreeBSD "linux-" ports? (Haven't checked to see what the latest linux-Netscape port is; if it's not up to 7.0.2, you can install the earlier version, or at least look at what the port maintainer has done for hints with regard to such stuff as build options, places to install various files, etc.)

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