Jaime wrote:
        Can anyone explain this?  It looks like I can't delete a given
file.  This file has been causing weird errors with just about everything,
including tar, rm, ls -l, etc.  It resides on a vinum RAID-5 array, which
is the only strange thing I can think of about it.

zeus# ls
#pico29506#                     .login                          .shrc                  
.addressbook                    .login_conf                     .spamassassin          
.addressbook.lu                 .mail_aliases                   December 2002 
Newsletter.docs   dead.letter
.aspell.en.prepl                .mailrc                         Documents              
.aspell.en.pws                  .pinerc                         Lawrence.JPG           
.aspell.english.prepl           .profile                        October 2002 
Newsletter.doc     public_html
.aspell.english.pws             .qmail.backup.from.cyrus        October 2002 
.cshrc                          .rhosts                         acker
zeus# rm "#pico29506#"
rm: #pico29506#: Bad file descriptor
zeus# whoami

That looks like a recovery file from the pico editor.

It's unlikely, but possible that your system crashed during a pico
editing session and left this file behind with a broken file
descriptor.  If such is the case, fsck might be able to fix it.
Try unmounting the filesystem (or booting into single user mode
if you must) and running 'fsck -f'.  Once it's finished and you've
rebooted the system, see if you can then delete the file.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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