I think you're missing the reasoning behind the 2 dns servers
   requirement, and the consequences if they are both down.  One of the
   reasons for separate servers is that it allows the rest of the world
   to continue business dealings with your domain even when it is down,
   to some extent.  For example, mail can be sent if the mx record can be
   retrieved from a dns server.  The mail will be queued and delivered
   when the mail host comes back up.  If there isn't a good dns server
   around, the destination won't resolve and the mail will bounce.  From
   the sender's perspective, this looks like your organization has died,
   rather than had a temporary outage.  That's why you want your
   secondary  well isolated, preferably a long distance away, from your
   Scott Kupferschmidt wrote:


It certainly is possible to register two nameservers with the same IP
address.  While it serves no real purpose to do so, if you require 2 NS's
then you can.  Check with your registrar.  We do that here on our virtual
servers just because it's easier and really, if the server goes down,
that's it.  No point in having the DNS up if the entire server is down for

The exception to the rule is where we have other NS's for everything else
that is redundant, especially for dedicated customers.  Hope this helps


Scott Kupferschmidt
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On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Alfonso Romero wrote:


Well, I wondered if it could be possible to have a primary and a secondary
nameserver with only one public IP address, sort of like virtual domains on

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Is it possible to have two DNS servers with only one public IP

What would be the point?  Put another way: what are you trying to achieve?
Kirk Strauser
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