I am running 5.0 Release on an i386 Intel system. I have 256MB ram and in /etc/fstab 
swap is called out for 492MB. How can I tell if this is mounted and in use? Mount does 
not indicate swap (/da0s1b) is mounted.

I ask, as I cannot use dump to backup my raid. My raid is /dev/vinum/raid and mounted 
at /raid. When I try to dump either /dev/vinum/raid or /raid, the system panics and 
halts. I am thinking the dump is bombing due to lack of swap space.

I was able to dump previously, until I added the raid. The raid  is (4) 9GB SCSI 
drives on the second SCSI controller while the boot drive is /da0 on the first SCSI 
controller. Both controllers are on-board. The first dump encounter left the system in 
a single user state with all file systems requiring manual fsck. After doing such, I 
was able to go to multi-user mode. The raid is back and visible through the network.

Just very concerned about the tape (dump) not being able to run. 


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