On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 08:55:36PM -0400, Bob Collins wrote:

> I am running 5.0 Release on an i386 Intel system. I have 256MB ram
> and in /etc/fstab swap is called out for 492MB. How can I tell if
> this is mounted and in use? Mount does not indicate swap (/da0s1b)
> is mounted.

Please wrap your lines at 70 characters so your emails can be easily

swap partitions are not mounted, because they're not filesystems.  Use
swapinfo to check swap configuration.

> I ask, as I cannot use dump to backup my raid. My raid is
> /dev/vinum/raid and mounted at /raid. When I try to dump either
> /dev/vinum/raid or /raid, the system panics and halts. I am thinking
> the dump is bombing due to lack of swap space.

With 256MB of RAM, dump should not be touching swap.  It sounds like
you have some other problem that you need to investigate more fully.


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