I have managed to get everything up and running now, including my NVIDIA
card with tv-out on my FreeBSD 5.1. THANKS FOLKS.

Now come the fun part, I have managed to, in .xinitrc have a specific
program running when I run startx. That's lovely.

Now I would like to start and close additional programs, aswell as
maximize, bring to front and back etc. BUT FROM OUTSIDE THE X

Why? You ask. Let me tell you the story of my life :-)


I have a freeBSD running as a file, web and servcice server. It is
located in a closet and there's no such thing as keyboard or monitor
attached to it.

It is however connected (since a few days back) to a TV-set.

In the same room as the TV is also a small device called SLIMP3 located.
(www.slimp3.com) along other thing this device sends all IR-signals
flooding the room to the server. At the server I can do whatever I want
with the signal.

So I have created an ImageViewer application written in JAVA. It's
controlled by different HTML-requests (http://server/ail?next,
http://server/ail?prev etc) and those requests comes from the service
that serves the SLIMP3 device.

All above is still in alpha stage but it's working great so far.


Now to my problems:

I would like to start/stop different programs (such as the java-program
mentioned above). I would also like to have many programs running, but
only see one at a time (bring to front, maximize).

I understand this is certainly not a yes/no question, but if someone can
hint me on a window manager that's accessible from outside X, or some
other remote controlled software that might be of interest I would be

Finally, I will ofcourse post all sources as soon as I have commented
them, and, perhaps, made them a bit more general than they are today,
please feel free to contact me for further details. 


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