On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 05:06:45PM -0400, David Banning wrote:
> > Actually, I use procmail as the default delivery agent myself --- that
> > example came from /etc/mail/freebsd.cf --- but even so, the
> > Return-Path: stuff is inserted correctly.  How are you checking for
> > the presence or absence of the header?  Most mail applications will
> > weed it out of what they display to you -- bouncing on the 'h' key in
> > mutt shows it, generally as the 2nd line of header right underneath
> > the 'From ' line.  Otherwise, grep'ing the mbox file directly is
> > probably the thing to do.
> There's no mistaking it. I've used vi and grep.
> Here, is the message as I received it from you;
> >From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Fri Jul  4 16:40:08 2003
> Received: (from [EMAIL PROTECTED])
>         by 3s1.com (8.12.9/8.12.9) id h64Ke8IG019663
>         for [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Fri, 4 Jul 2003 16:40:08 -0400 (EDT)
>         (envelope-from [EMAIL PROTECTED])

Yup.  It's definitely not there.  This has me completely perplexed.
You seem to be doing everything correctly, and all of the right things
are appearing in the sendmail.cf file, but the fault is definitely

All I can conclude is that there is some trivial boo-boo somewhere
that will have you slapping your forehead and shouting "D'Oh!" in the
approved Homer-Simpson-esque style.  It's going to be something on the
level of you're not using the sendmail binary you think you are, or
it's not reading /etc/mail/sendmail.cf.  Have you sanity checked
/etc/mail/mailer.conf ?  Does anything untoward appear in
/var/log/maillog ? How about the maillog entries when you restart the

Can you try this: run sendmail in address test mode:

    % /usr/sbin/sendmail -bt

and check the output of dumping the mailer definitions:

    > =M

(ie. make sure that the local mailer definition being used by sendmail
is actually the same as in /etc/mail/sendmail.cf) Also try:

    > /parse [EMAIL PROTECTED]

which should give you Parse1 and parse lines like so:

    Parse1           returns: $# local $: david
    parse            returns: $# local $: david

indicating that your sendmail will use the local mailer to do the
final delivery.



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