On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 05:21 am, Kent Stewart wrote:

> > Any ideas on how I mount this logical drive in this extended
> > partition ?
> The extended partitions all start at 5 because you can have 4 primary
> partitions.

Typo!  should read "can't" , or "cannot have more than three primary 

Note that there is often some weirdness mounting windos partitions from 
un*x.  My FBSD4.8 can't access a windos logical/extended partition, 
though in that condition windos is happy, but can access that same 
partition as primary, though windos then hides the partition(and I have 
to manually un-hide it).
On another system, an extended partition is inaccessible as dos, but is 
seen fine by both winNT and Un*x as NTFS. 

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