On Sunday 06 July 2003 10:45 pm, Brian Astill wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 05:21 am, Kent Stewart wrote:
> > > Any ideas on how I mount this logical drive in this extended
> > > partition ?
> >
> > The extended partitions all start at 5 because you can have 4 primary
> > partitions.
> Typo!  should read "can't" , or "cannot have more than three primary
> partitions"

Not true. In the handbook in section 2.5.2 you will find the following

Each partition-that-contains-a-filesystem is stored in what FreeBSD calls a 
slice. Slice is FreeBSD's term for what were earlier called partitions, and 
again, this is because of FreeBSD's Unix background. Slices are numbered, 
starting at 1, through to 4.

Slice numbers follow the device name, prefixed with an s, starting at 1. So 
``da0s1'' is the first slice on the first SCSI drive. There can only be four 
physical slices on a disk, but you can have logical slices inside physical 
slices of the appropriate type. These extended slices are numbered starting 
at 5, so ``ad0s5'' is the first extended slice on the first IDE disk. These 
devices are used by file systems that expect to occupy a slice.

I had several NT based systems with 4 primary partitions. These systems were 
later upgraded to only having 3 primary but the logicals still start at ad0s5 
and etc.


> Note that there is often some weirdness mounting windos partitions from
> un*x.  My FBSD4.8 can't access a windos logical/extended partition,
> though in that condition windos is happy, but can access that same
> partition as primary, though windos then hides the partition(and I have
> to manually un-hide it).
> On another system, an extended partition is inaccessible as dos, but is
> seen fine by both winNT and Un*x as NTFS.
> Weird.

Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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