Morning all,

I have just come across something that strikes me as a little peculiar.  I
don't know if it's a FreeBSD peculiarity, or an Exim oddity.

My MTA is exim 4.20.  I had left the $primary_hostname unset in my config
file, expecting exim to take the return value from uname(3), which is the
stated default action.  However, looking through headers of test mails I
sent myself (posts to the list were failing - without bounces...), I found
the hostname was mangled slightly - the last character of the FQDN was

Received: from danielby by catflap.home.slightlystrange.or with local (Exim

I had a quick look in sys/utsname.h, and lib/libc/gen/uname.c, but don't
know enough C to figure what's going on.  Is there a limit on the length of
the nodename that is returned?  Or is exim chopping the last character?

Explicitly setting $primary_hostname in the exim config fixes the problem -
my posts now get through to the list again.

Just wondered if anyone could shed any light?



Daniel Bye

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