> Hi,
> I have installed FreeBSD 4.0 on my PC 

Not specifically an answer to your question, but, is there a reason
you are attempting a new install of such an old version of FreeBSD?

If not, I would suggest installing V 4.8.   You should have not
trouble installing things from /usr/ports or packages if you start
with the recent version.


I did boot from CDROM, but in the "Media" I had to put "DOS", cause my PC refuses
> to install everything from CDROM (may be not of supported type). So, I copied whole 
> CDROM to C>/FREEBSD, and I used DOS partition for install. Everything went O.K.
> I configured and installed my new kernel, system did boot with no problem, but
> now, when I'd like to install something from Packges (like shells or less), I get 
> only 
> a message that it was impossible to find and get system distribution files.
> I tried to fetch packages and from DOS and from existing FreeBSD file system
> (I copied whole disk in /usr/FREEBSD), but it doesn't work.I can not install any 
> program.
> Thanks in advance for your answer.
> Edward.
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