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> On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 02:57:28PM +0000, Mark wrote:
> > Ok, I bought a new 80G hard disk, for backups. I added it on the second
> > IDE. But now, when I ran FDISK and the Label program (booted from CD),
> > it will not allow me to just add /backup as mount point, and says it
> > wants a root + swap partition too. :( I did "W" when writing out the
> > but still, /etc/fstab is unchanged.
> >
> > All I want is to add the new hard disk as mount point /backup. Please,
> > tell me how to do this.
> When you say "booted from CD" I take it you're using sysinstall(8).
> That makes certain assumptions like "you're going to install a FreeBSD
> system on this disk".

Yes, you are right. I used sysinstall. :)

> Instead of working through sysinstall, you can use the fdisk(8) and
> disklabel(8) tools from the command line. Assuming your new drive is
> ad2 and you want to use it all for FreeBSD, but that you don't want it
> to be bootable:
> # fdisk -I ad2 # disklabel -w ad2s1 auto


I did everything you said, and it worked wonderfully well. :) Once again,
Matthew, your excellent help was of great use to me. :) Thanks!

- Mark

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