On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 03:59:12PM +1000, Andrew Thomson wrote:
> I currently have a caching nameserver on my local domain that really
> just caches and forwards to my primary nameserver.
> A lot of laptop users connect to the public ip of my mailserver as this
> is what they'd use if they were out of the office.
> However when they are in the office, it doesn't work so well. I've got
> some double nat magic on the firewall to attempt to overcome the problem
> however it just doesn't seem to work so well.
> As soon as I change the mailserver to the internal ip for these laptop
> users, everything works great. However having the laptop users change
> this everytime is not a workable solution.
> What I want to do is setup on my caching nameserver something so that
> when the laptop users requests the public name of my mailserver it
> acutally returns the internal ip. Everyone's happy!

look at bind 9 views. it's well documented in the bind 9
administrator manual available from

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