I have a FreeBSD 5.1 server running, and it's acting as a NAT server for an internal 
network. It's also running SAMBA, and acting as a back-up server.  What I would like 
to do is have e-mail accounts on the FreeBSD server, that, fetch e-mail from regular 
accounts (POP3) on another server, from the Internet.  Then, users on the LAN would 
set their e-mail clients to receive mail from the FreeBSD server.

Thus, I would still have a copy of all the e-mail on the FreeBSD server for back-up.

Is this possible/feasible?  And, which ports should I be looking at?  Even better, if 
there is a web page with setup info from someone that has already done this, please 
forward me the URL.


Justin P. Michel
-- J Continuum
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