On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 11:49:54AM -0400, Justin P. Michel wrote:
> Is this possible/feasible?  And, which ports should I be looking at?  Even better, 
> if there is a web page with setup info from someone that has already done this, 
> please forward me the URL.

Absolutely, I do this using regular MTA/MDA software.  mail/fetchmail is
the obvious -- this retrieves mail from remote POP/IMAP (lots of
variants) servers and can do many things from there.  I have it reinject
the messages to a local SMTP server, which is considered to treat the
domains as local (this also means that somebody sending mail to a local
recipient does not have the mail travel over the Internet in order to be
received).  Exim or Postfix are good choices, although stock Sendmail
will also do the job.  One note: you must have a local account for each
and every user (I assume you already have this if you are using SAMBA).
You could also use LDAP (with Exim and Postfix, at any rate) instead.

The next issue is the POP/IMAP servers: I use Courier-IMAP (which
provides both POP and IMAP, with optional SSL) -- this is much better
than WU IMAPd -- it supports both Maildir and mbox, as well as having a
smaller footprint.  It is also more configurable (again, LDAP is

  Hope that's some help,


  A final note: if the remote MUA (e.g. Outlook) is not configured to
leave mail on server you will not have the backup of mail that you
desire.  This can be configured, but a better solution would be to use
IMAP, where all mail is left on server.

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