i just setup my first ipfw/with natd firewall :-)
i run the preconfigured firewalltype called "simple" 
can anyone help me make a ruleset that blocks all to inside 
(except dhcp from my isp & ssh from inside) and allows everything out?

when i try to learn, and look at the "simple" configuration ruleset in rc.firewall i 
go nuts
i mean, why is there natd rules? isnt natd transparent? if i block all in it should 
block all in for natd aswell (?)

What means by statefull inspection? i guess ipfw doesnt have suport for that. 

im sorry for being such a lamer and dont read manuals better, but i guess this list is 
for people like me :-) 

anyway, feel free to answer me, and here is the information you need to know

outside interface ep0 "DHCP"
inside interface fxp0 ""

/ Mempheria 


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