sorry for swapping slices/partitions - it was
too late yesterday and I had too much work...
Here's more explanation:

On 2003-07-13 06:48, Malcolm Kay wrote:
there was windows 2000
[                  ntfs                     ]

I made some place for FreeBSD
I used partition magic, I resized first dos-partition
and created second primary dos-partition (without
extended dos-partition).
In FreeBSD terminalogy this is now 2 slices:-
[ ntfs ][ ufs=ad0s2 ]

I created slices
In FreeBSD terminology "created partitions" or
more specifically "BSD partitions".
right, that's what I did :)
[ ntfs ][( s2a )( s2b )... ]

after some time I removed win2000 - and just
did newfs on first partition (no repartitioning,
no slices - only newfs)
On the first "slice" -- no "BSD partitioning".
right, the question is - is that ok, to do that?
I mean - to newfs without bsd-partitioning?
[ ufs=ad0s1 ][( s2a )( s2b )... ]

The MBR (master boot record) table will still have
the first slice marked as ntfs unless you ran fdisk to
change it.
do you mean - the main dos-partition table?
I *think* I fixed it using gpart. The linux sfdisk says

fake:~# sfdisk -d /dev/hda
# partition table of /dev/hda
unit: sectors

/dev/hda1 : start=       63, size=125821017, Id=a5
/dev/hda2 : start=125821080, size=  3903795, Id=82
/dev/hda3 : start=129724875, size= 30346784, Id=83, bootable
/dev/hda4 : start=        0, size=        0, Id= 0

after some time I wanted to install debian GNU/Linux
(this is test-box)
[    ufs=ad0s1=hda1     ][swap=hda2][ext2=hda3]
and here something bad happened during installation
(few reboots/kernel panics and so on)

It seems you have now assigned all "slices" to Linux
at least in your mind. But what types does fdisk think they are?
I didn't touch the ad0s1 when installing linux,
I just removed ad0s2 and placed two linux-partitions there.
(hda2 - linux swap and hda3 - linux system)
(I wanted to use ad0s1 to move some data to the new system,
I expected linux to be able to mount UFS - at least r/o)

it CAN mount it as NTFS (and I can even see
some windows files!)
 - freebsd can see it as UFS but cannot mount

Where is FreeBSD? -- it appeared you had given the FreeBSD slice
ad0s2 over to Linux swap -- but then I'm not knowledgable with respect to exactly what Linux means by hda2.

I run freebsd from live-cd now (as I explained above I removed freebsd slice (ad0s2) with all bsd-partitions inside).

('bad magic number' or bad superblock),
using backup superblock
(-b 32) doesn't work.

What can I do to recover data from the first partition???

What data? -- the original ntfs data or what Linux may have installed?
I suspect that in either case it is now pretty much corrupted. The semblance of windows files will have a scattering of blocks over written by newfs.

I want to recover files from UFS filesystem on ad0s1. It was NTFS before but as I mentioned before - I did newfs, so It became UFS. I think the windows files that can be seen are just shadows of old days (blocks that were not overwritten during using the slice with FreeBSD). I looked at the slice with lde (linux disk editor, I don't like the tool but I couldn't find anything more user-friendly) and it seems that the files I saved to UFS are in good condition.

I hope the case is more clear now :) What do you advice to do now?

Marcin Gryszkalis

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