I have a hard disk that had a complete FreeBSD system on it. Earlier today, I
accidently deleted and created a new slice on top of the one that was there.
Now, the OS thinks there are no FreeBSD partitions there, only empty space. I
did *not* do newfs, so there's a really good chance that those partitions and
all their data are still there if only I could find some way to tell that to
the disk.

I tried the sysutils/gpart port, but it appears to only recognize and operate
on slices (PC-style partitions), not FreeBSD partitions. I have a blank disk
just like the one I'd like to recover and I have the numbers I need to
re-slice and re-label it identically to the other one, down to the exact bit.
So I'm more than happy to experiment with that one prior to performing
suggested operations on the real thing.

I have the feeling this may involve the fdisk or disklabel programs. If so,
know that I'm none to handy with them but would appreciate pointers to some
decent documentation on them aside from the man pages.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

P.S. Won't be able to reply until Monday.

Charles Ulrich
System Administrator
Ideal Solution - http://www.idealso.com
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