Hi everyone, i was under the impression that FreeBSD had great hard drive reliability even when using Soft Updates. I'm sure it does as nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I'm using FreeBSD 4.8 Release with a custom kernel (nothing questionable taken out) with the packaged version of KDE 3.1.0 that comes on the dist CD. I've been using it very stably for about a month and a half now (less than zero problems) and today i opened Konqueror and my computer HARD FROZE, super hard. Since most of my files are backed up daily i wasn't worried, and usually with freezes not many files are lost, if any.
Well when i rebooted after the freeze my hard drive lost it's MBR i guess (or maybe it got corrupted) because my bios gave me "NON SYSTEM DISK OR BOOT ERROR." I rebooted once more after that, and the FreeBSD bootloader came up (slower than usualy) and slightly complained about not findind loader.conf. Then it attempted on loading the kernel, until the kernel finished loading (stopped printing devices) and gave me a prompt and asked me what root device i shoudl load ( it was in the form of <fstype>:<device>) i attempted ufs:/dev/ad0s1a but it named a bunch of errors and i was forced to reboot into the same process again and again. So i fsck'ed alll my partitions that were mounted when it first crashed (using FixIt) and i was able to get all my files back. The problem is the files were scattered throughout each partition in lost+found and some folders were just gone, so the filesystem, i think, is completely ruined.
I was using Soft Updates for all my partitions besides the root partition (even though the root was also missing a lot of files too). I wanted to know what could have caused my hard drive to crash so hard and also how i could avoid this type of behavior in the future because as it looks i might have to do a complete reinstall. Also, How can i reinstall the FreeBSD standard MBR? (the one that is minimal and only loads FreeBSD). Thanks a ton!

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