On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 09:19:51PM -0700, Kevin Stevens wrote:
> At a guess I suspect there's confusion between the IMAP and non-IMAP 
> clients as to where the mail spool is and who owns it.  The UW-IMAP 
> server will, by default, take the mail from the spool and put it in the 
> user directory as an mbox file - but it can be doing a lot of different 
> things.
> Just a thought.  FYI - I use UW-IMAP, and successfully access my mail 
> from Squirrelmail, pine, OS X's Mail program, and Outlook Express, 
> depending on what computer I'm on.  All works as one would hope WRT new 
> messages showing as new, deleted messages ending up in the right 
> folder, etc.  So it *can* work.
> KeS

Absolutely, it can and should just work... I'm not running uw-imap any more,
but I never had any problems with it when I was.

David, you didn't say if any of your clients were using POP rather than IMAP.
It's probably also a good idea to follow up on Kevin's suggestion and make
sure all your clients are looking in the same place for new mail (the INBOX
folder, I guess, wherever uw-imap puts it).

Are you sure you don't have any clients set to automatically move read mail
out of the INBOX and into some other folder?  That would also explain what
you're seeing.


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