Erm, newer than *what*? find needs a file as a comparison parameter to
detetermine whether another file is newer than it or not. I assume you
mean you want to copy only files from host1 to host2 which exist on both
machines, with host1 potentially holding newer versions that should get
synchronized to host2.

Before you break your neck with (absolutely well possible) scripting
solutions, I suggest you have a look at rsync, which uses SSH for
transport by default now as well.
Or maybe check out rdiff-backup, of which a port has just been submitted
(AFAIK) if a backup is what you're after:

Last time I looked at rsync it did not create new directories, perhaps that changed? Or maybe I'm completely wrong... I'll have a look at rdiff then.

But as you say, it should be perfectly possible with scp too -


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