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I would like to know where I can find out if FreeBSD spreads the
network load across 2 interfaces of equal weight to the same
subnet, or if it just tries to push everything out the lowest
numbered interface.

FreeBSD doesn't want you to put multiple NICs on the same subnet, modulo the following section from "man bridge":

     By putting both physical and logical (vlanX) interfaces in the same clus-
     ter, a FreeBSD box can also implement what in commercial terms is called
     a "trunk" interface. This means packets coming from one of the interfaces
     in the cluster, will appear on the wire on the "parent" interfaces of any
     vlan interface belonging to the cluster, with the proper VLAN tag. Simi-
     larly, packets coming from a parent interface, will have the VLAN tag
     stripped and will be forwarded to other interfaces on the same cluster.
     See the EXAMPLES section for more details.

Do you want to do trunking for extra bandwidth, for redundancy in case of failure...what problem are you trying to solve?


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