> Do you want to do trunking for extra bandwidth, for redundancy
in case of
> failure...what problem are you trying to solve?

Exactly... Both.  Ok, so let's make this a little more complex.
Here's how I envisioned this working.

Subnet A
Subnet B

Subnet C
Subnet D

Router 1

Router 2

router1 route add
router1 route add

router2 route add
router2 route add

(may wrap)
SubnetA---fxp0---router1----fxp1---- Subnet
C ----fxp1----router2---fxp0---SubnetB

SubnetA---fxp0---router1----fxp2---- Subnet
D ----fxp2----router2---fxp0---SubnetB

I intend to run Zebra and OSPF on routers 1 and 2.  Subnets A and
B are 100 Mbit/s networks.  Subnets C and D are 10 Mbit/s
networks, I would like to have a ~20 Mbit/s pipe when both lines
are up, but if one fails, it dumbs down to ten.  I am familiar
with OSPF enough to (hopefully :) make it through the routing and
failover, but I don't feel that Zebra will give me a 20 Mbit

I am thinking about this in a routing frame of mind... Perhaps if
there is a way to just "pair" up the adapters at the ethernet
level it would be a simpler solution, but it would have to be
able to fail over without blinking...  I do not of such a
capacity in FreeBSD, but if there is one, I would love to hear
about it.

Does this help to clarify the situation?


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