On Tuesday 15 July 2003 09:54 pm, Neu, Benjamin S. wrote:
> Nope! A cd-rom is built (hardware wise) for CD's not DVD's!

I wanted to be sure - someplace, somewhere I heard, that under windows, this 
could be done. Heh - I musta overheard that from some other users in passing 
- I was sure that wasn't the case, but in a day where you can purchase 
software (windows-wize) to boost your internet speed, blah, blah, blah - I 
just had to ask.

Thanks for confirming what I had expected all along.

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> Subject: CDRom able to play DVD movies
> Hiya -
>       Is there an app/emulator that will allow my ordinary CD Rom
> reader to play
> store bought DVD movies?


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