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> However, what ive heard is there's some kind of tweaked emulation
> under windows, which tricks the system into thinking the cdrom drive
> is a dvd drive, and the system compensates for the work the drive cant
> actually do [perhaps some kind of 'on the fly decode/read']. no idea
> if such a beast exists. and with today's prices, its probably easier
> to simply buy a dvd drive. :)

Sounds to me like you are confusing this software with a software DVD
player/decoder. Most systems should play DVD's through a built-in
hardware decoder and display it on the screen in overlay mode. If you
don't have built-in decoder, you can use software like WinDVD to read
the DVD (still from a DVD drive) and the software does the decoding and
displaying on the screen (which will usually slow the system down bad,
potentially resulting in frame loss).

You still need a DVD drive to read DVD's though. 


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